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Galaxy S
Ok so finally it's less than 1 week left for the offical launch of Galaxy S20 family, which makes it clear that there will be no S11 and so on. Along with this Samsung will be showcasing the successor of Galaxy fold, which is named is Galaxy Z flip as per my information. And a bunch of small gadgets i.e. Galaxy Buds 2 and many more. 
So yes another year, and excitement level is is same as every year, and now it's the time to save pocket money. 

Well talking about my expectations with the phone:  

1) My only expectation from Galaxy S20 was to hide the camera hole which is there, i don't know why but due to personal reasons i don't like a punch hole to be rested on my phone. Rest all is good with my own Galaxy S10+. Accepting that camera punch hole is still there. I'm very much excited about the new camera's and pro mode video recording  
2) Coming to the design part, i find no loop holes when talking about my Galaxy S10+, it's just that it's not that handy. And would like the new beast to be more handy
3) The major thing which i am excited about is the battery size, with so many S20 model's the battery size will also vary and i am expecting a good battery capacity this time. 

So let's wait for 5 more days and see Samsung Unpacked 2020 I hope to see DJ Koh this time also. Peace. ✌🏻