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Galaxy S9 and S9+ One UI 2.1 update starts rolling out

(Topic created on: 06-15-2020 05:35 AM)
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The features include new sharing options. There’s Quick Share, a one-tap solution for sharing files and media between Galaxy devices (similar to Apple’s AirDrop), along with Music Share, which allows you to share your phone’s Bluetooth audio connection with other devices (allowing your friends, for example, to play music from their phone on a Bluetooth speaker connected to your Galaxy smartphone).

The camera gets a number of new shooting modes. Single Take captures a series of photos and video clips for 10 seconds when you tap the shutter button, while My Filters allows you to replicate the colors and styles of your favorite photos and create custom filters for future shots. Pro video recording is back as well, after being axed from the Galaxy S9 series with the Android Pie update. It’s got all the tricks you expect, including the ability to control shutter speed.

The One UI 2.1 update also adds a new AR Zone app that puts all augmented reality features, such as AR Emoji and AR Doodle, in one place. AR Emoji also gets enhanced facial recognition and new manual editing tools. Samsung Keyboard has been updated with a multilingual translation feature and text undo/redo shortcuts, and the Gallery app gets new quick crop functionality and can now group similar images together.

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