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Galaxy S24 Series: Circle it, find it | Landmark | Samsung

(Topic created on: 06-14-2024 09:47 AM)
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Let nothing get in the way of a long-awaited reunion 😤 Circle to Search with Google and identify any landmark to find your way. 🗺 Own now: http://smsng.co/60505r7ay. #GalaxyS24Series #Samsung

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Please bring back features like shutdown alarm, real-time network speed indicator, app lock built-in in the upcoming updates
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Very nice Tips. Thanks.
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Why doesn't samsung have a Inbuilt Applock feature ? And don't tell me about secure folder.

Why don't we have network speed indicator.

Why don't we have a way to see daily data usage.

These features are important for day to day life but No they will give unnecessary features that 90% won't be using(Goodlock, muticontrol, ram+, split screen, Smart things, connect to windows) but neglecting the important ones..

We have to depend on 3rd party apps which drain battery ,perform inconsistent because developers need to configure these apps for thousands of phones with different Hardware and software that you people make and forget about it later.
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Sorry, most of the people uses samsung for its good lock, split screen, and windows link features. Soo please don't say that 90% people don't use these incredible features. But i agree that the features that you mentioned are needed. But my point is that don't cancel the incredible features of this brand as non usable... Thank you!
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Tell me if all models of samsung even support Goodlock etc ?
Tell me if most people who buy samsung are techy ?
Tell me if most people have PC at their disposal ?
Split screen is a good features and used by very minimal people .Even iphones don't come with split screen for a reason this feature needs power and big screen.
Btw don't worry about features getting removed because it's majorly depends upon Money and demand like RAM+ and 4 cameras Practically useless but people demand it and it's cheap to put these then usefully thing so companies give these.
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This is a post about circle to search feature. So it's known that exclusive for S series phones. Soo good lock support is there. As you said that 90 % people who owns Samsung are not using good lock and etc etc... It's a fact that 90% of samsung users might not be using S series! So your statement is actually wrong in that sense.
And a disagree that split screen is made for big screen. Sometime it is soo useful to handle two apps at the same time for multitasking even in Mobile phones. And when speaking reality iphones don't have basic features and that not a problem for anyone lol!!
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I'm not denying anything that you said! And all are true. But pointing that all these features are useless is not acceptable that's it. Your demands are true to thr core. But features are included because if we need we can use it. It's there!
Game mode is there even if I'm not a gamer. Bcs for the price that need to be there. Not like apple which provides 60 hz even for new phones in 2024!!
So if some one who don't have a pc they can't use it. But if they afford one in future they can easily use it bcs the feature is there.
Tell me if they can't afford a pc in anytime in the future?
So i accept that the features you are asking to include is justifiable but cancelling the unique features that made Samsung irreplaceable is not!
Thank you for you time ❤️
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I tried explaining in easy language i could however I can't just waste time for sake of argument.
As the saying goes : Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder !