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Galaxy S23 Ultra Slowdown: Latest Update Suspected Culprit

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 The Galaxy s23 ultra was the first device from Samsung and has come with a record-breaking performance; it initially scored 1521 in the single-core test and 4689 in the multi-core test. It was successful in taking the second position in terms of Geekbench scores but sadly, it is downgrading and getting low scores.

For your information, the Galaxy s23 is the first flagship series device equipped with the Snapdragon processor in the world. For the Galaxy S23, the company has dedicatedly brought the modified version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 to the Galaxy. This is the main reason why Samsung supported the Galaxy S23: to provide several new features to be available for the devices.


Compared to its initial performance, the device is not able to sustain itself. According to our testing before installing the February 2024 security patch, the device scored 1912 in the single-core score and 5184 in the multi-core score. But after installing the February 2024 security patch, we got a significant decrease in the score; the device has scored 1902 in the single-core test and 4869 in the multi-core test.


Along with the core test, the device has also decreased in the GPU scores; before the February 2024 security patch, it was scoring 9326, and after installing it, the device has scored 8031. Its more than 1000 score difference makes for a significant drop in device performance; however, it doesn’t mean your device will be way slower than earlier, but there could be some FPS drop while gaming. 



 However, it would not be a wise decision to skip installing the February 2024 security patch if you are concerned about security. The company regularly releases new updates for their devices, and if you happen to miss any, installing a subsequent update will automatically incorporate all previous updates into a comprehensive software update. It will automatically merge all the updates and provide the bigger software update.


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