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Galaxy S22 Ultra SOT

(Topic created on: 05-16-2022 06:16 AM)
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I've been using this device now almost 2 months. (Brought it brand new sealed)
My screen on time is average 3 to 4 hours. (100% to 8%)
This is snapdragon variant 
Can any one know whats the actual issue of this?


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Check this out, I think it's help you


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It's an unusual drain... Hope you're using the device with the Adaptive Battery option. Anyway, will try these things.

First, reset your device. It will wipe out your previous usage patterns and give a some times to learn the usage patterns again. When you reinstall the apps after the reset, put into deep sleep the apps which are not used regularly. So it will reduce the background processes.
If you have the issue, better to get support from a Samsung service centre.

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Bro Drain Your battery Full to 0 bro and charge it again for 100. Do this procedure 2 or 3 times. if you do Like this battery and Phone os will Calibrate and you can get Better battery Life. Try it
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Same here. I think all the social media apps drains the battery. Also it takes a huge amount when the device is idle

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