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Galaxy S22 Series (S22 Ultra & S22): Available Now!

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So Samsung decided to give complimentary gifts for every S22 purchase. 

The last time(S21) gift pack had Galaxy Buds Live/Galaxy Fit2Galaxy Smart Tag + Care pack (One Time screen replacement)

This time gift pack included Galaxy Buds Live/Galaxy Buds 2 + 150/250 GB Data +  (6 months on OneDrive, 3 months Spotify premium subscription, and a 2-month premium offer on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Creative Cloud Express)

The day before the official unavailing, they removed the Galaxy buds from the gift pack and increased the price. This affects all pre-order customers even those who paid the full price on the pre-order opening day. 

So gift pack left with limited-time premium offers/subscriptions which I consider as complimentary gifts 🤐

Most of us still waiting for our pre-orders.
Kudos to Dialog and Singer for including buds in the gift pack and delivering the order at the initial price.

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Did dialog and singer deliver the devices for the original prices even with the buds ? Really impressed with their customer service. Did they even deliver the phones for the customers who only paid the reservation fee ? Or only for the customers who made the full payment ?
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Dialog delivered the device at the initial price with galaxy buds to those who did the full payment until 14th March. I'm not aware abt the rest.


More info: https://r2.community.samsung.com/t5/Unpacked-Together/Galaxy-S22-Series-Pre-Order-BrokeTheRules/m-p/...