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Here's Every First Party Case & Accessory for Your Galaxy S21 Flagship.

Samsung has introduced a ton of accessories for the new Galaxy S21 flagship series. They’re mostly cases but the company has also released a new pair of earbuds, a wall charger at a lower price, new wireless chargers and, unbelievably enough, even an S Pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The Galaxy S21 lineup is now available for pre-order before it will hit the market on January 29 and if you’re looking to pair your new device with a fresh accessory, you’ll have plenty to choose from, especially if you’re on the lookout for a protective case. Here are all accessories that have been introduced by Samsung for the 2021 flagship lineup so far:

Galaxy S21 accessories

Samsung has developed a total of 9 case designs for the base Galaxy S21 model, most of which arrive in more than a single color option. In terms of pricing, the cases range from as low as $19.99 to $59.99. You can refer to each of the links below for additional details offered by Samsung’s online store:

  • Galaxy S21 Clear Cover – $19.99: It’s a regular silicone clear case that offers protections against bumps and scratches. It’s a clear case so it lets the original color shine through.
  • Galaxy S21 Silicone Cover – $29.99: Similar to the Clear Cover, the silicone case offers protection for the back panel but it comes in four color options.
  • Galaxy S21 Clear Standing Cover – $34.99: The Clear Standing Cover is nearly identical to the regular Clear Cover except it has a Samsung-branded kickstand.
  • Galaxy S21 Clear Protective Cover – $39.99: The Clear Protective Cover has a clear back panel but features a thicker silicone bumper available in black or white.
  • Galaxy S21 Rugged Protective Cover – $39.99: This case has an industrial design with a kickstand and ridges running across the back. It’s available in black or white.
  • Galaxy S21 Leather Cover – $49.99: One of the few cases to cross the $39 mark, the Leather Cover is available in black or brown.
  • Galaxy S21 S-View Cover – $49.99: The S-View Cover wraps around the back and front of the Galaxy S21 and has a preview window for notifications. It’s available in four color options.
  • Galaxy S21 LED Back Cover – $49.99: The Galaxy S21 LED Back Cover arrives in two color options and has an LED array on the back that offers notifications and more information at a glance.
  • Galaxy S21 LED Wallet Cover – $59.99: This is the priciest Galaxy S21 first-party case, featuring a flip cover for the display with LED lights and four color options.


Galaxy S21+ accessories

The Galaxy S21+ offers a range of 10 optional fist-party cases. Save for one case, they are similar to the Galaxy S21 accessories except they’re tailor-fit for the larger model, so there’s no need to describe them in greater detail but you can refer to the online store links below:

The 10th case that’s unique to the Galaxy S21+ is the Kvadrat Cover available in violet or gray. It’s made by Kvadrat from recycled PET bottles and the material is 100% compostable.




Galaxy S21 Ultra accessories

Samsung has developed eight conventional cases for the Galaxy S21 Ultra and two unique cases featuring an incorporated S Pen. As many of you know by now, the Galaxy S21 Ultra offers S Pen compatibility, and the accessory can be purchased on its own or bundled with a special case. Here’s the complete list of Galaxy S21 Ultra accessories:


The company is also selling a couple of new S Pen-enabled covers and the S Pen separately. The only thing missing is the optional S Pen Pro that’s scheduled to go on sale later this year.



Accessories for the entire Galaxy S21 flagship family

Samsung is also selling a handful of accessories that are compatible with all three Galaxy S21 flagship devices, including a wall charger, two wireless charging solutions and more.

  • Galaxy SmartTag – $29.99: The Galaxy SmartTag is a new location tracker by Samsung, equipped with a single button, Bluetooth LE, and an internal battery. It works with SmartThings Find and it can double as a remote for IoT devices.
  • 25W Travel Adapter – $19.99: Samsung has removed the wall charger from the retail box of its new flagship series but the company is now selling the 25W Travel Adapter for just $20 and you get to choose between black or white.
  • Wireless Charger Single Pad – $39.99: If you’re ready to give up on wires and buy a wireless charger instead, Samsung’s Single Pad solution is available in two color options and ships by February 12 in the USA.
  • Wireless Charger Duo Pad – $59.99: The Wireless Charger Duo Pad is also available in black or white but it can charge two devices, such as a smartphone and a smartwatch or a pair of earbuds, simultaneously.
  • Galaxy Buds Pro – $200 / $150 with trade-in: The Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds are a Galaxy S21 accessory as much as they are a stand-alone product. Unveiled at Unpacked 2021, the Galaxy Buds Pro are a great match for the new trio of flagship smartphones. The earbuds are available in Phantom Black, Phantom Violet, and Phantom White.


Do you plan on buying one of the new Galaxy S21 flagship phones and, if so, have you decided on which accessories you’ll acquire along with the new handset? Leave a comment below and let us know which case is your favorite.