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Galaxy S20FE 5G (major features missing)

(Topic created on: 06-29-2021 08:26 PM)
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It's very much disheartening to see that despite being a 50k (more or less) phone the Galaxy S20FE 5G is missing the following flagship features:

1. Call background effects (one one/default one is there)
2. Google Discover option along with Samsung Daily (the later one is crap)
3. Directors view mode in camera module (even sub 15k phones are offering this now a days)
4. More vibration pattern to choose from like other flagships

I don't know why Samsung has not provided these features, I guess it's intentional. Request to the developer to provide these features with next OTA update. Till then stay safe.
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Be patient
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Also portrait photos can't be taken using telephoto lens which is possible in s20.
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Also it doesn't offer proper carrier Aggregation and didn't unlocked the 4*4 MIMO