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The third over-the-air software release for the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition bundles the November 2020 Android security update with even more attempts at addressing some of the prominent touchscreen issues affecting Samsung’s recently released device. Identified by build number G781BXXU1ATK1, the new firmware started reaching select Snapdragon 865 variants of the Galaxy S20 FE this week.

Samsung has been trying to address the aforementioned touchscreen performance problems with the last two Galaxy S20 FE updates, as well. Neither of those completely eliminated the small unresponsiveness quirks, and it appears this one doesn’t, either, at least according to one initial user report.

Third time wasn’t the charm for the Galaxy S20 FE
Which isn’t to say the said update does nothing for touchscreen performance. On the contrary, it would seem Samsung is close to getting it right. Particularly when it comes to the zoom-induced stuttering, which is reportedly almost gone on the G781BXXU1ATK1 firmware version. Then again, this sort of technical difficulty probably should have never survived initial quality assurance testing in the first place.

Either way, expect this newest OTA release to hit your Galaxy S20 FE in the coming weeks, if not days. Naturally, those particularly impatient about getting their hands on it can always refer to our firmware archives and see if we already have a compatible build that they could manually flash onto their smartphones. These touchscreen responsiveness issues will hopefully be patched up by the end of the year as they’re currently a rather unfortunate blip on an otherwise remarkable device.

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i have also the same touch screen issues and hopes they will fix as soon as possibly.

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