Samsung has reportedly improved the Galaxy S10 camera features on the orders of its heir apparent Lee Jae-yong. He is the vice chairman of Samsung Electronics. Lee Jae-yong is widely believed to take over the reins from his father and chairman of the Samsung Group Lee Kun-hee. He has reportedly shown a specific interest in camera features and ordered the company to step up its game with the Galaxy S10. It’s going to be Samsung’s first flagship series with a triple camera system. One model may even have a quad camera system at the back. Lee Jae-yong ordered Samsung to improve Galaxy S10 camera features The Korea Herald hears from a senior official at Samsung that the company has worked hard on improving the Galaxy S10 camera features. Samsung gets compared to the likes of Apple and Huawei in this department. It sometimes tends to come up short. There was a discussion at Samsung about the camera capabilities of its phones after Lee Jae-yong made a trip to Europe last year. During his visit to a smartphone retailer there, he got input about the personal preferences of a store employee. That employee favored the iPhone over the Galaxy due to the better camera features of the Apple smartphone. “The issue was about how the quality of pictures taken on the Galaxy smartphones was felt by individual users,” the official added. It was pointed out that some users do like pictures from Galaxy smartphones as they’re more vivid. However, “others say such vividness causes fatigue in eyes, describing the colors as being too sharp.” Excessive oversharpening of pictures by Samsung smartphones is something that we have highlighted time and again in our reviews. We did notice improvement on this front with the Galaxy Note 9 but more can certainly be done. So these comments suggest that Samsung has focused on improving the color and detail reproduction in photographs. That too without excessive oversharpening. None of this can obviously be quantified until we can test the device. That’s going to happen next month after Samsung unveils the Galaxy S10 on February 20.

Every Samsung employee/CEOs/hair is thinking for us. 👏👏👏
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this says Samsung is improving....... although its best in market but some of its model are seriously 😭.....but now again they are making up..