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Galaxy Cameras - Changing the perception

(Topic created on: 05-30-2022 12:11 PM)
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Hi friends, I wanna share my experience with Galaxy S/Series mobile phone cameras.
I m a part time Youtuber and before I would take out professional bulky camera kit for videos that was hard to carry and people would stare at me while filming then I gave a try to my S10+ and believe me I was super duper happy with the camera quality and since then I have been using S10+, S21 Ultra and now S22+ and it is so handy to use smartphone for YouTube videos and on top of that nobody stares anymore😉.
Pls chk some of my videos made with Galaxy Smartphones.

Pls check out my youtube channel for more.
Pls Subscribe and stay tuned for more content with my Galaxy S22+
See you again😇
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This is some cool stuff, cheers bro 💙🔥
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Thanks a lllooooottttttt bro😍😍👍
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Thanks Ambassador for sharing this! Very cool stuff 👏

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Thank you Sumsung for thr amazing Galaxy Cameras😇