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Finally jumped the wall.

(Topic created on: 04-09-2022 12:59 AM)
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Well, as the title says, it's easy for all to understand that I've jumped across the Apple Walled Garden and am now a part of this community. 

Bought the S22 Ultra in Green 5 days back along with the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Not really a big learning curve for a first time Android user, I've been in the Apple Ecosystem for as long as I can remember. 

Initial thought about the S22 Ultra: 
1. although I miss the heavy and solid feeling of Steel from my 13 Pro Max, the S22 Ultra definitely feels premium and looks beautiful. 

2. The way samsungs skin is, It definitely packs a lot of things I couldn't do on the iOS.

3. BATTERY life is not as great as the iPhone was, but I guess future software updates will help with it.

4. The quality of apps on android in comparison to the iOS is slightly mediocre and feel not so great to look at .

5. Love the camera of the Ultra,one of the nicest I've ever used 

6. Love the beautiful and sharp screen, the colors are unreal on this.

Thoughts about the Galaxy Watch 4 :

1. No match to the smoothness, speed and abilities of the Apple Watch. The lack of apps, the slow operation in comparison and reduced battery life do not help in making life easier.
2. Love the way it looks , also think there 's a lot of future growth possible now that samsung has given up on tizen. 
3. The lack of a stock email app irritates me
4, Watch faces are plenty, few are useful.

This is just my Initial though after 5 days on the android world, looking forward to see if I stick to it or will move back to the walled garden, but atleast till September, I'm here to stay.

Do drop in your tips tricks and must have application in the comments if any.

Signing off,
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Thanks for your feedback, lookikg forward to your experiences with smasung devices. Welcome to the fam 💚
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Thank you so much, I've seen quite a lot of your posts here, you're the Pro.

Temme things I should do to make it all the more better for me.

Also, I saw the link on the benefits section for the 2 year samsung care plus for aed 200, and somehow I went on to activate a 1 year samsung care, now the 2 year Option is lost, do you have any idea on how I can upgrade it..?
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Na, nothing like that. We all learn from each other so 🙈😍💯.

Make sure to make sure of your display by selecting WQHD+ and 120Hz refresh rate, GoodLock should be your good friend in terms of customization, bixby routines is really useful feature to have. These are few just to get started, stay uodated on the smasung members app for tips and tricks as well as the tips function in from the app as well as YouTube videos.

You can see the status of your Samsung care+ in the get help tab of the smasung members app in the bottom right. Click your current subscription and see if you can extend to another year after filling your details, cheers 💕
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Can you help.