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Finally Samsung develops Vividness option for Galaxy S24 series, update soon!

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Samsung new OLED panels in the galaxy s24 flagships are brighter and power efficient. Some Galaxy S24 Plus/Ultra units reported having a problem with the Vivid color profile of the display, which Samsung is set to address with a new Vividness option.

According to IceUniveres Samsung developed a new Vividness option for the Galaxy S24 series. This new feature will be rolled out to smartphones with the next firmware update. The company is all set to address the washed-out color glitch while using Vivid mode on S24 devices.

The source also noted that by leveling up the Vividness by two tiers, your Galaxy S24 Ultra will display S21 Ultra-like colors in the Vivid profile. Meanwhile, if you want the S23 Ultra-like color on your S24 Ultra, grading up the Vividness by a single level would do.

Through this new feature, the South Korean tech giant has found an excellent solution to make full use of the S24 Ultra’s new OLED panel. Custom Vivid color profile experience will help users get the best-preferred display visibility on their new smartphone.

Samsung’s Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra use upgraded OLED displays, featuring M13 material set. These displays are not only power efficient but also bring a massive boost to the peak brightness. The S24 trio screens can reach up to 2600 nits of peak brightness.

The Galaxy S24 series hasn’t yet received any firmware update since launch. There are some camera-related issues also reported by consumers on community and social platforms. It’s expected that the February 2024 firmware will be a complete package for the new devices.

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what about tab s9 series? Screen is washed out on vivid mode compare to tab s8 series .  SOme people says that tab s9 with oled has worse screen than tab s8 with lcd.. on my tab s9 ultra colors are much worse than my 5 years old oneplus 7 pro when compare any photo on both screens