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Finally!! S23 Ultra - Social Media/Camera Api (photo & video ulpoad)

(Topic created on: 06-13-2023 09:52 PM)
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Couple years ago i wrote a post noting that android in general was suffering a big deal when it came to sharing photos & videos on social media apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok etc, and samsung was on the victims of developers not integrating the camera api with the social media and only taking a screenshot of the screen instead of taking an actual photo or video, this gave a serious advantage to the iphone although that hardware of Samsung phones were more capable at the time

Well folks, i am glad to say that we can now officially say that those days are behind us, since snapchat & instagram is actually using the camera api instead of the view finder, i have been using the S23 ultra for a month now and been posting on social media using the s23 ultra and not rarely shoot with my iphone 14 Pro max, specially that 10, telephoto lens.

Another thing that i must praise this phone for is the battery life, with us getting snapdragon chipset (8 gen2) for the first time in our gulf region instead of exynos, i am getting 1.5 to 2 days of battery life on a single charge except when im using it heavily and then i get a full day worry free.

Kudos to Samsung on the s23 Ultra, with this device im having the same excitement i had when i grabbed the first note more than a decade ago.

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Great news! Android's photo and video sharing on social media apps has improved. Samsung's S23 Ultra, with its impressive camera API integration. The battery life is also 🔋👌👌👌 thanks to the Snapdragon chipset. Enjoy your new device!