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Feedback and Suggestions for the Samsung Clock App

(Topic created on: 05-29-2023 01:32 AM)
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Galaxy S
Dear Samsung Team,

I am writing to provide feedback and a siggestion on the Samsung Clock App, which I find overall great and reliable. I appreciate the functionality it offers, but I have a suggestion that I believe would enhance the user experience and address a common issue many users face.

One feature that I would highly appreciate is the ability to snooze the next alarm in advance, specifically on the previous day when it is not necessary. Currently, if I need to skip the alarm for a day, I have to completely switch it off. However, this can sometimes lead to forgetting to reactivate it for the following day, causing inconvenience and potential disruptions to my routine.

To mitigate this issue, I recommend implementing a dedicated button or option that allows users to snooze the alarm for one iteration or a specific amount of iterations in advance. This way, if I know in advance that I don't need the alarm to go off on a particular day, I can simply snooze it for that day without the risk of forgetting to reactivate it.

By incorporating this feature, users can have more control over their alarm settings and confidently manage their alarms in a way that suits their specific needs. It would alleviate the need for constantly switching the alarm on and off and provide a convenient solution for those who occasionally require temporary adjustments to their alarm schedule.

I hope you find this suggestion valuable and consider implementing it in a future update of the Samsung Clock App. Your commitment to continuously improving your products and addressing user feedback is commendable, and I believe this enhancement would further enhance the functionality and user experience of the app.

Thank you.

Kai Löwe 
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Galaxy S
I think this functionality already exists. On my samsung (stock) clock app when I toggle the button to to turn the Alam off I get a brief notification asking if I would like to turn the alarm back on for the next day. This essentially 'snoozes' the alarm for one day.Screenshot_20230529_195203_Clock.jpg
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Good day, Brendtwp

My word, you are right! I've never seen this and I've been using this app for a while now. 🤦🏼

Thank you very much for pointing this out! :)

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You're welcome. 🙂

All the best.