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Extremely poor battery - s10 plus exynos

(Topic created on: 10-13-2019 02:10 PM)
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I am having an awful experience with the battery of s10 plus (exynos). I really regret buying this phone. When you spend a $1000 on a phone, you are supposed to get a phone that delivers in all the key aspects. Since the August update :
I) The phone barely completes 3.5 hours screen on time with 16 hours of total usage since last full charge.
II) Extremely poor standby drain - at night if I leave the phone at 100% charge, after a 8 hours sleep I end up with 85% to 90% charge.
III) I have visited the service center, they say everything is fine. They use the Samsung interactive app to detect problems & doesn't even go into details. I don't even know how accurate the app is. 

I d request if anyone has found a fix for this issue. 

note - I'm not a gamer or a social media freak. The only social media /messaging app which I use is Whatsapp & Instagram. 
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Same problem with me also facing same issue and I also visited the service center and they also said that this phone is having no issues.

The stand by time is Far better on the Snapdragon version. I do get exactly same screen on time as you get with normal usage and with gaming it hardly last me 2hrs with full charge.

Please send an email to this: servicehead.in@samsung.com

Next day they will call you and please explain your issue in detail.
If many people keep complaining about the problem instead of getting adjusted Samsung will surely fix a fix and give a software update. If just one or two complain about this issue then no one cares.

Please do drop a mail to that regarding your issue.