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Epic Galaxy S24 Ultra

(Topic created on: 02-01-2024 09:57 PM)
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The S24 Ultra is an exceptional phone, loaded with high-end hardware and cutting-edge AI features by Samsung. Its display is remarkably user-friendly even in bright sunlight, providing a seamless experience outdoors. The camera system, boasting an excellent quality and an impressive portrait mode, stands out in the smartphone game. The built-in stylus adds a touch of sophistication, making tasks like creating a grocery list a pleasant experience.

Key features include a bright and anti-glare screen for easy outdoor use, convenient Circle to Search and call translation functions, and an outstanding camera quality. The promise of seven years of OS and security updates adds a significant layer of longevity.

The AI features are truly remarkable, offering live translation for phone calls, a valuable asset for those navigating unfamiliar languages during calls. Additionally, the ability to transform any video into slow motion adds a playful dimension to the user experience.

Taking a leap forward, the S24 Ultra introduces a new anti-glare coating that excels at minimizing reflections. The 6.8-inch screen, peaking at an impressive 2,600 nits in bright light, further elevates the device's visual powers.

No second thoughts. Just go for the new Galaxy and embrace the Epic experience !! 


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Without the ai photo search, camera features and its display improvements which doesn't really make a lot of difference even comparing to my Note20 😄