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Epic Diary Day 2- Unpacked Report

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Day 2 at Galaxy Unpacked:

Unpacked is here!!!

Team breakfast fueled our excitement for the day at SAP Center to experience the Unpacked event. Met Samsung members from across the Globe. Lined up eagerly, and stepped into the venue with anticipation.

Live atmosphere was electrifying. Witnessed the Unpacked event, met the man behind Galaxy TM ROH and the incredible team.

The S24 Ultra release left me in awe – Epic AI Camera, Live translate, S24 the first phone to upload HDR content on Instagram, Android Auto, Circle to search, note assist, generative edit, and more amazing functions. Looking forward to the New Galaxy Ring. Later we enjoyed lunch in Downtown.

Explored the S24 series with the Samsung Council in afternoon, delving into design tech aspects and engineering innovationd.

We were provided with all new S24 series to experience the amazing capibilities. Followed by Nightography Event where we captured San Jose's CityScape with the New S24 Ultra. Followed by a delightful dinner.

Grateful for this amazing day and the opportunity provided by Samsung to experience the Galaxy moments.

Please watch short video to experience the amazing moments !!!


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Nice coverage of event.
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It is always a pleasure, fun, excitement, and great memories with the Samsung team 🥰 it was also a dream that came true when I attended the Unpacked and Samsung Stars 🌟 in Seoul. I hope I will be selected again.. and again and again.. ❤️❤️❤️