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Enriched with Convenience and Performance

(Topic created on: 08-27-2019 11:13 PM)
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Galaxy S
Since the first Samsung flagship, every edition of S series came with new improvements, updates and features and further adding variety in each model made it more accessible for people from different walks of life. In comparison to all other available options, Samsung edged out its competitors with powerful specifications and capabilities. Below are the highlights of few major add-ons to your bucket of smartphone for recently launched flagship S series;
1. In-display Finger scanner, finally long waited feature introduced, thanks to beast lying underneath the screen for providing more spaceless and fast experience. 
2. AI Prediction learns more about user behavior and habits which means allowing glimpse of daily routine quickly and easily at finger tips to save time and resources.
3. AR Emoji transforms your outlook into fictional character that mimic your actions to be shared with your loved ones as you like.
4. Animated GIF brings whole new experience by adding life to your conventional pictures and have more meaningful and fun-filled photos to share with your social network.
5. Truely Wireless through "Wireless PowerShare" to enjoy seamlessly and fastest charging between devices with possibility of reverse charging.
6. Stay Ahead with 5G connectivity for upcoming models to become part of revolutionary service and leveled-up platform.