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Edge Lighting notification popup

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Edge Lighting notification is not appearing on my S23, although I have enabled it for all apps.
Appreciate if someone could please guide me how to set this up.
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If Edge Lighting notifications are not appearing on your Samsung Galaxy S23, even though you've enabled it for all apps, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and set it up correctly:

### Check Edge Lighting Settings:
1. **Open Settings**: Go to your phone's Settings.
2. **Notifications**: Look for "Notifications" or "Display" settings.
3. **Edge Lighting**: Find and select "Edge Lighting."
4. **Edge Lighting Style**: Ensure that "Edge Lighting Style" is set to "Colorful" or any other desired style.
5. **Manage Notifications**: Check if the apps you want Edge Lighting for are listed under "Manage Notifications."

### Enable Edge Lighting for Apps:
1. **App Notifications**: Open "Settings" > "Notifications."
2. **Select App**: Choose the specific app you want Edge Lighting for.
3. **Edge Lighting**: Make sure "Edge Lighting" or "Notification pop-up style" is set to "Edge Lighting."

### Ensure Do Not Disturb is Off:
1. **Do Not Disturb**: Check that "Do Not Disturb" is not active, as it can prevent notifications from appearing.

### Battery Optimization:
1. **Battery Settings**: Go to "Settings" > "Battery."
2. **Optimize Battery Usage**: Look for "Optimize Battery Usage" or a similar option.
3. **Apps Not Optimized**: Make sure the apps you want notifications for are not being optimized. Disable optimization for these apps if needed.

### Update Software:
1. **Software Update**: Ensure your phone has the latest software updates.
2. **Check for Updates**: Go to "Settings" > "Software update" > "Download and install."

### Restart Your Phone:
Sometimes a simple restart can resolve issues. Turn your phone off and then back on.

### Check Edge Lighting in Action:
To test if Edge Lighting is working:
1. **Use a Test Notification**: Have someone send you a test notification to see if Edge Lighting appears.
2. **Self-Test**: You can also send yourself a test notification from another device or app.

### Third-Party Apps:
If none of the above steps work, you might consider third-party apps from the Play Store that offer similar edge notification features.

### Edge Lighting Not Available:
It's also possible that Edge Lighting is not available for certain apps or in certain modes (like Power Saving). Check if this is the case.

Following these steps should help you troubleshoot and set up Edge Lighting notifications on your Galaxy S23.
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Many thanks for the information shared. I tried all the options (except a 3rd party app).
By chance I figured out that I had previously enabled the Always On Display and that was the culprit. I disabled it and followed your steps once again. It then worked. Thankyou.
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To troubleshoot and activate Edge Lighting notifications on your Samsung Galaxy S23, follow these steps:

-Review and adjust Edge Lighting settings in your phone's Settings menu under Notifications or Display.

-Ensure Edge Lighting is enabled for specific apps by navigating to Settings > Notifications and selecting the desired app.

-Disable Do Not Disturb mode to allow notifications to appear.

-Customize battery optimization settings to prevent apps from being restricted.

-Keep your phone up to date by checking for software updates in the Settings menu.

-Restart your device to resolve any potential software glitches.

-Test Edge Lighting functionality by sending or receiving test notifications.

-Verify if Edge Lighting is supported for all apps and under various modes.

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"Always On Display" was enabled previously.And that was the problem. Now resolved. Thank you.