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(Topic created on: 05-30-2024 01:22 PM)
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Galaxy S
Hy guys, the rear camera of s21 ultra isnt focusing anything and clicks blurry pictures in 1× and 2×, do anyone know the solution? 
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Galaxy S

Try clearing the cache of the Camera App by navigating to Settings > Apps > Select Camera App > Tap Storage > Clear Cache.

Additionally, attempt to reboot the phone using a soft reboot or force restart. You can force restart by pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power keys for 7 to 10 seconds.

If the issue persists, try running Safe Mode on your phone by following these steps:
1. Power off the phone.
2. Power on the phone; when the Galaxy logo displays, press and hold the Volume Down button.
3. 'Safe Mode' will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.
4. To exit Safe Mode, simply restart the phone. Upon reboot, it will no longer be in Safe Mode.

If the problem persists after trying these steps, please send us an Error Report by following the steps below:

1. Head to the Members app.
2. Select Get Help > Error Report.
3. Tap 'OK' to send System Log Data.
4. Choose the symptom and include as much detail as possible.

To ensure that your logs accurately reflect the issue you're experiencing, please submit your report within 5 minutes of encountering the problem. Our engineers will then investigate and provide you with a solution via the Members app.