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Buy S24 from Netherlands to primarily use in Egypt

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I am planning to buy S24 ultra from mediamarkt.nl Netherlands 

Do I will be able to primarily use it in Egypt? Is there any kind of regional restriction? 

Also, is it single or dual sim

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There's no restrictions. Only apps probably or features which some will not be in use once they detect new location. Otherwise the phone will function well 💯.
Just make sure its not Carrier locked but unlocked model. Single/dual sim check from website you purchasing from.
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• The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may work in Egypt if it's unlocked and supports Egyptian network bands.

• Ensure the phone's network frequencies match those used by your carrier.

• Purchase an unlocked phone from MediaMarkt.nl to avoid carrier restrictions.

• Some Samsung phones may have regional locks, requiring activation with a European SIM card before international use.

• The S24 Ultra comes in single and dual SIM variants; check MediaMarkt for the specific model's SIM configuration.

• Verify network bands, confirm the phone is unlocked, and choose the desired SIM configuration before buying.