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Buggy Dual Messenger WhatsApp Feature

(Topic created on: 10-26-2023 11:03 AM)
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Hi Everyone,
I have enabled the dual messenger feature for WhatsApp on my Samsung Galaxy S 23 Ultra and running two seperate numbers. 

Most of the things work fine but the feature is not seamless like my previous One Plus device. 

In Phone/Contact application, when I click on the WhatsApp option of any contact, it directly opens the first WhatsApp account and doesn't give any option which whatsapp account it should open. Its really frustrating due to the second issue. 
How can I remove the default application for WhatsApp so It can ask me everytime I click on the whatsapp message, to select which whatsapp account it should open. 

Contacts are not updating for Whatsapp accounts specially on the web and windows version.
Even the contact is saved and appearing on my first account, it randomly doesn't update on my other account. 
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WhatsApp itself should be supporting multiple accounts soon.

See an official announcement here:

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We understand that you are facing certain issues related to multiple accounts on WhatsApp, and we want to provide you with some information that may help alleviate these concerns.

The feature of using multiple accounts on WhatsApp is directly related to Meta (formerly known as Facebook). They are actively working on this feature and it may be released in the near future. This feature is designed to allow users to manage multiple accounts more efficiently on WhatsApp.

We hope that the release of this feature will provide you with a solution to the issue you are currently experiencing. It is part of Meta's efforts to enhance user experience and address the needs of users who require multiple accounts for various purposes.

Please keep an eye out for updates and announcements from WhatsApp or Meta regarding the availability of this feature. We anticipate that it may help you manage your accounts more effectively and address the specific concerns you have raised.