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Bluetooth no reconecta

(Topic created on: 12-29-2019 04:58 PM)
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Desde la actualización a android 9, mi Bluetooth no se reconecta automáticamente en ningún dispositivo. En el estereo del auto, en la bocina portátil, solo aparece que no se puede conectar y tengo que apagar y encender el Bluetooth para poder lograrlo. 
Alguien tiene ese problema?

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Hello, please follow the steps below:

Go to Setting > Apps > Tap on three dots on the top right corner > Select show system Apps > Select every Bluetooth service > Select storage > Clear data and cache.
- Go to Settings > General management > Reset > Reset network Settings > Enter your screen PIN > Reset network settings.
- Restart your phone > Open Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > Make sure it is visible to nearby devices.
* your device will scan automatically for nearby devices.
- Open Settings > Connections > Open Bluetooth > On.
- Make sure it is visible to nearby devices from Settings > Connections > phone visibility > On.
- Press and hold on Bluetooth to scan for devices.
- Tap on the device that you need to connect to from the devices list.

Thank you :)