Best for Wide: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

At 47 points, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra tops our Wide category, thanks to an ultra-wide camera that delivers excellent exposure and color, as well as very effective geometric distortion correction. Although the specs list a 13mm lens, we measured it closer to 14mm, but even so, the S20 Ultra offers a very wide field of view and allows you to fit more scene into the frame than many competitors. Artifacts commonly associated with ultra-wide shots such as color fringing and ringing are slightly visible, but are not overly problematic. Anamorphosis, or stretching of elements towards the edges of the frame, is sometimes slightly noticeable, but the Samsung controls geometric distortion better than many of its rivals, with straighter lines and less barrel distortion.


The S20 Ultra’s ultra-wide camera offers a very wide angle of view and excellent overall image quality.

On the downside, detail deteriorates noticeably when you zoom in just a little bit, so it’s best to stick with the native focal length when shooting with the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s ultra-wide.

Also consider: 

It looks like ultra-wide cameras are a bit of a Samsung specialty, with the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Note 10+ 5G following right in the S20 Ultra’s slipstream, offering equally wide fields of view and overall image quality that is not far off the top-ranked device. At 18mm, the Huawei P40 Pro’s ultra-wide camera is noticeably less wide than the Samsung devices. However, it offers the best dynamic range and detail/noise trade-off of all ultra-wide cameras we have tested. So if you can live with the slightly longer lens, the Huawei is a great ultra-wide option, too.

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