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Be patient with updates

(Topic created on: 11-08-2023 12:56 PM)
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Galaxy S
You guys will die with your lack of patience when it comes to android updates in general especially for Samsung. 

Yes we want faster global rollout for all models but you will learn to be patient especially when your device gets older it becomes less of a priority for support. 

When I had my S21 when it was released we were first in line for the platform updates as it was the latest flagship then. Then we started moving to the back of the que year by year with each release of each flagship. Even S23 owners will definitely not get the next android update next year first, that honour will belong to S24. 

Same applies to midrange phones as well. I have a A33 and it will be a while since it will get OneUI 6. 

If you want to get it updates at the same time all the time, there is Apple. All eligible models get the update at the same time because of how they are in control of their software from start to finish. Windows updates are quick. ChromeOS is generally quicker because they don't have overlays by manufacturers to add. 

Other Android devices, you will be lucky to get timeously software updates. You will get 2 at best and sporadic security updates. I have a Vivo in the house and it's been terrible update wise 
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I hear you, but for the price Samsung is selling these S series smartphones. The S series should be given first throughout the qualifying generations. This is not making business sense.
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We just want a better tomorrow 🙏