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Back to note 7 😨 fear

(Topic created on: 04-26-2022 07:57 PM)
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Galaxy S
Samsung my favorite brand and phone but very disappointing about changing speed with super fast charger 2.0 now world live in 120 watt and 200 watt changing phones but Samsung still stuck in 2015 hopefully next time we see better changing speed for flagship phones from samsung πŸ‘ 
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Galaxy S
Bro I think such fast charging i.e 120w really effect bettry health thats why big brands such as apple have max. 20watt and Samsung max. 45 watts charging technologies
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Galaxy S
Exactly and if u r able to charge ur phone in 70-80 min its not that bad with maintaining good battery health. If charging a phone in 30 min was all apple wouldn't be sticking to mere 20 Watts in 2021 means warp or ultrafast charging is not a deal breaker.