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Till the time of S8/Note 8, there used to be two major complaints from the users on the software front:

  • Delay in releasing major OS upgrades
  • Lag in OS performance over period of 6-12 months.

However, Samsung planned to address this genuine concern of users with the introduction of their S9/Note9 series.


The first major step was the announcement of ONEUI last year which aimed to make OS lag free, streamlined software experience across devices, improve one handed use/interaction with big screen devices.


The improvement was evident from the fact that Samsung rolled out android 9.0 to 2018 flagship (S9/note9) even before the launch of 2019 flagships (s10 series).


This year for android 10, India was one of the first country (along with south Korea) to get BETA program live for 2018 flagships, which shows that the company is still stick to its commitment of providing timely updates to users.


However, saying all this doesn’t means that everything is perfect.

There still some concerns as mentioned below:

  • For monthly security updates, India Region is still lagging comparing with other small markets/regions. The security patch is pushed very late and even the company will miss "a month" security patch and push it to "ahead month".
  • Silently removing the features from their existing galaxy devices.
  • Digital wellbeing / Mobile visibility (Send to device) was completely missed out for 2018 flagship series.

Concluding Remarks:


There is no doubt in appreciating the improvement company has shown in their OS performance/upgrade timelines, however there is still lot be desired.

  • Reduction in time difference between the moment Google Pushes the Major OS upgrade and Samsung does that for their devices.
  • Company should improve Major OS upgrade / monthly security patch release time for Indian Market. It should be among the first to get these updates seeing the immense customer base Samsung has in India.




Disclaimer: The view expressed in the article are user’s own; do not imply any official communication from Samsung. 


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highlights : silently removing the from theri existing galaxy device

proof :moviemaker app, wifi calling, etc