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After Pie updation on galaxy s8

(Topic created on: 02-26-2019 11:10 AM)
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I updated my galaxy s8 to android pie yesterday night. Many of the features from oreo are missing. 
1. Battery draining is very quick.
2. Takes time to charge phone while fast charging is enabled.
3. I personally prefer device maintenance(oreo), when compared to device care(pie). Preventing background usage permanently for selected apps are not available in pie. If they could merge the best of both, that would be great.
4. The night mode of pie is great. But it is not dark enough when compared to themes in oreo. Pixels are not completely off in night mode since it is a shade of black and not black.
5. Sound setting and options where better in oreo. Had more customizations. I think my phones sound is reduced after pie update. I think s8 dont have hardware that support Dolby. Dolby settings only work with headphones, bluetooth etc... The clarity is improved by compromising on the sound. 
6. Multi tasking menu is ok for me. Im used to the old version. I like featured of both multi tasking menu.
7. Bixby voice have a lag. Customisations are not user friendly.
8. I like and hate notification panel. But i really like the notifications in pie.
9. Setting and features in camera app have changed. I prefer the oreo version. Some features are missing. 
10. Call setting and recording features changed. Third party apps are having problems while recording. One touch answering and rejecting is not found. Increasing ringtone is missing.
11. Camera lost features and modes. I have a feeling that samsung reduced the camera quality or something.
12. Icon shape selection and transition effects for home screen are missing in pie.

     Newly added features of pie are not mentioned. Only the missing features, better and user friendly things that are neglected or skiped by samsung in their version of pie is mentioned. Samsung always like to focus on their new product. Existing users and devices are not their primary or even their secondary focus. In my experience samsung is very poor with updates and support. Crashing old phones will lead to increase in new phone sales huh...

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bro, same problems are happening with me since yesterday when updated my galaxy s8 oreo to pie.
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I'm sticking with Oreo then
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I only mentioned my personal opinion. Use an s8 with pie os to know if you will like it or not.
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I 100% agree with you on the camera quality. Pictures taken at night time seems too noisy
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Im from Bangladesh. when will I get pie update in my galaxy s7 edge. most of the s7 edge in Bangladesh got pie update but I didnt even get it can you guys please help me