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A few tips to capure better night shots.

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Hello Community,

I saw a lot of fantastic photos in the galaxy gallery for the contest. I have a few tips for those who wish to do better.

  1. Try to use a tripod for night shots. Using a tripod can improve the sharpness of the photo dramatically and can avoid blurry photos. If the phone detects it is on a tripod(if the device is stable), it will decrease the shutter speed allowing more light to reach the sensor and resulting in a photo with improved dynamic range and sharpness.
  2. Use a BlueTooth trigger, a volume button on headsets, or your spen to click pics if the device is on a tripod. This can reduce the shake when you tap on the shutter button.
  3. Use promode if you are familiar with it. It allows you to tweak every available setting to capture the best shot. Else use night mode.
  4. Use focus and exposure lock. Long press on the subject before capturing a photo. This will lock the focus and exposure to give more importance to the subject you have chosen. If the subject is too dark, after locking the exposure, drag right on the exposure slider(the slider will popup only if the exposure is locked)
  5. Capture photos in RAW format. If your phone supports the expert raw app, try to capture images with the "expert raw" app. The app will capture photos and saves them in RAW format instead of the regular JPG format. The RAW format contains much more details from the camera sensor and can be processed and edited later(the photo will look way better once captured in raw and edited using adobe or other editing software with RAW support). If your device doesn't support expert raw, use promode and turn on RAW copies. This will save both the JPG and RAW formats to the device. 


Do you know more tips and tricks? Please do mention those in the comments.

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Thanks for sharing these tips, they do make a difference 💯
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Thank you for the tips
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Thanks for sharing this - super helpful 👏