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A Chance to become a Samsung Paralympic Vlogger

(Topic created on: 05-20-2021 05:44 PM)
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Heya folks!

We have a lot of up-and-coming vloggers here and others who would love to give vlogging a chance. 

And in any way, I am sure there would be none more suited than members of our community for this opportunity. 

Upload a part of your life as a vlog of not more than 60 seconds and you might just have a chance to join a team of 4 vloggers who are going to cover the Tokyo Paralympics. 

Here's the link to more details

Good luck and if you are selected, don't forget to give a shout out for the Samsung Members community! 

P. S. I am in no way associated with this competition, just thought I would drop it here for you all!