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3 Months With The S24 Ultra – How Does It Compare To The S23U After The Update

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(This is a Subjective Personal experience Review)

I am using both the S24U and S23U at the same time, and both are updated now with AI features.

I have them now in different cases, because honestly, there’s no way to distinguish both when they are in the case, and after the recent software update, I barely see a difference(Great news for S23U owners) which kind of made me ask myself, why did I upgrade? Should you upgrade?

I change my phone on yearly basis, the only time the phone was taken from me forcefully was the Note 7 Recall, and the longest I kept one was the Last Note that got replaced by the S22U.

On paper, and paper only, the S24U looks better than the S23U, which is normal for a new phone with a new chip to be better than its predecessor. But in my case and daily life, using emails, media consumption, social media, texting, and the same usual videos recording and photos capture, I cannot see a huge difference, not in performance, not in speed, at all, only small differences here and there.

I even wasted time running the same AI features on both phones on the same time, yes, i was that bored, and they worked like a Rolex and processed 99% of the time, the same stuff within the same time frame, online and offline!

Maybe it’s me, but I’m not trying to be cynical or negative, the last update that brought AI to the S23U made them identical when it comes to use. Yes flat screen, and Titanium chassis on the S24U, but that’s it.

Why did Samsung tell us that’s the only phone with AI and all the media temptations, to end up rolling out the same software to a phone that is more than capable(S23U) and does not need the NPU(Neural Processing Unit) to do all the AI work? I love that the S23U users are able to get that software change, and to know that the S23U is still a beast, but they did not wait a year even, 1 or 2 months later, everyone is the same.

Many of those AI features are also rolling out to the S22 series soon. That would be interesting to test in terms of how older chipsets handle them.

Going back to AI, I mentioned in my initial thoughts, that these are game changers, then tried them and thought they will be gimmicks that people will be excited about at first, use them a bit, then forget about them, unless you are instructed to keep on praising them(Marketing Instructions) or one of the 5% that use all of them. The only things I am still using are the Photo Editor AI(almost daily) the Articles summary in the browser(almost daily) and finally the Circle to Search Google AI Search, all the rest, not at all, not even once, maybe if I want to demonstrate to someone how the translator works. I don’t believe I will be in a situation where I’m somewhere, with people who do not speak English nor have someone to translate to them, let alone on the phone… but again, it's good to have them, that’s my personal experience.

Had i knew that before buying, would I have upgraded, mmm, that’s honestly a tough one, I may have waited for the S25U and skipped, why is that? Because the S23U is in my opinion the champion, the device that finally gave me all I need, and still is giving after the Update. I think if I let go of the S24U now and only use the S23U, I won’t feel any difference, it is that good. Maybe in 2 or 3 years, with coming software updates, one of them will be working better and smoother on the S24U because of that stronger hardware, but for the time being, save your money, get the S23U if you have an older model, hoping the S25U will bring exclusive features that its predecessors don’t have.

It will take you a second or more to know which is which 😆 unless you compare the bottoms when they are laying flat.



I used AI here to adjust the photo angle, i kept the watermark for you to see.



I had to put one in the transparent case to differentiate.



The speaker grill is the fastest way to know which is which.


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This expected 👏
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Great review. Thanks so much.
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Almost all of my AI use-case is via a chat UI, which isn't on-device hardware dependent. So, OpenAI ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Microsoft Copilot & Perplexity.

I have these apps installed, mainly for productivity & research. There are def on-device hardware use-cases such as you've described [we're seeing the same on laptops now] & I guess in the future, there'll be even more.
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By the end of the day, it's just a phone, and it's nice to have these AI features/gimmicks, but the "Main" selling point for this device was "AI is coming" and then it came to other devices, so what were we left with? a flat screen, a titanium chassis, and 8-10% Hardware/Software improvement from the S23U, which for the regular consumer doesn't justify the price. i just can't convince someone that saved all year long to buy a phone, to pick the 24 over the 23, they are very identical... if budget is not an issue, then yes, straight for the 24U.

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Good , honest, to the point post.

I am happy that I got S23 last year on launch with great launch offers.
Unless my phone breaks , I am going to skip S24, S25 and may see S26 series for upgrade.
Phones, typically flagships nowadays are good enough to last 3-4 years.
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Thank you Timon, S23U is my all time fav one since the recalled Note(i was in love with that one) you know me by now, give credit where due, and any remarks are only for Samsung to hear and improve, S24U is as good as S23U which made me question myself should i have waited? But knowing me, S25U is blindly my next purchase 😭 unless the fold covers what i need 😉
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My buddy's Galaxy S is almost 5 years old. Works great. Just needs a battery refresh. Phones are now that good. 7 years OS support is so apt.