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i have a samsung on max smartphone. its a very good phone and worth using phone but sometimes while using its lags during connectivity with internet and sometimes when new ota update comes its hangout. sometimes phones stucks at the screen for 2-3 min.
pls solve this issue...
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Thank you for your query. We would like to inform you that smart phone can be hanging, freeze , lagging and slow with many reasons like install any third party application (e.g. Antivirus, Call recorder, clean master, battery booster, battery saver etc.). It can be harm full for any smart phone. Samsung never recommended any third party application. It is harmful for device. So we would suggest to you kindly uninstall mentioned above application.
Kindly checks by following below mentioned steps for overcome the issue of Hanging:
1) Utilization of maximum storage from internal memory, may hang your device. For that we recommend you to delete some of the downloaded data from your phone for better performance as internal space should be 20% free OR’ transfer data to SD Card via My Files.
(Phone Application>>My Files>>Select Multimedia Data>>Press More>>Click Move>>Select Location of SD Card>>Click Move Here).
2) Menu> smart manger>clear ram.
3) Stop running application (Setting >>Application Manager>>Running>>Stop All Downloaded Application When Not Using).
4) Check all the applications are closed by using the Task Manager option.
5) Scan SD card and then check.
6) Software update handset (Setting>>Software Update>>Download update automatically>> update using 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connectivity.
7) Go to setting>General>Application Manager>All>Tap on 3 dots (right top) ‘Reset app preference’.

If still issue persists, we request you to operate the device in ‘Safe mode’ as steps are mentioned below:
1. You need to restart your handset by pressing power key.
2. Then, when Samsung logo appears on the screen long press volume down key and keeps pressing it.
3. You will see a safe mode label at bottom left side, when your handset will be entered into safe mode.
4. To exist safe mode kindly restarts your device.