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how to set galaxy stories on my on nxt /j7 prime mobiles??

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how to set galaxy stories??
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Thanks for being with Samsung and for sharing your query. We would like to inform you that kindly follow the below steps to create stories:
From the main Gallery screen, you can use the following options: -
Tap a picture or video to display it in full screen view. - Touch and hold thumbnails to select them (indicated by a checkmark). - Tap tabs along the top to change views. You can view by Pictures, Albums, or Stories. - Tap More options 'more options icon' for other options.
Available options depend on which Gallery screen you are viewing, and may include: Camera: Launch the Camera to take pictures or record video.
Edit: Depending on the view, tap albums or items to select them. After selection, you can tap More again for options you can use with the selected item(s). Share: Share albums, pictures, or videos. Animate: Create an animation from several pictures.
Collage: Create a collage from several pictures.
Create album: Create a new album in the Albums view.
Slideshow: Create a slideshow from several pictures in the Stories view. Settings: Configure sync and story settings

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