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Hi, I am using Samsung On Max over 6 months, it's really a good handset. It's camera is really flagship but I have noticed some lack of things in this device and it's camera. And they are :-
1. There is no time laps and slow motion mode which is needed in nowadays.
2. It has selfie portrait mode but no rear camera portrait mode. I know it needs dual camera for portrait mode but you can give us software based portrait mode like the selfie camera has.
3. No read mode, it is common in every mobiles now , so please provide read mode in On Max.
4. It doesn't have call recording option which is necessary.
Please provide these four things via software updates.
I just want some small things from this big company.
I hope Samsung doesn't ignore it.
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slow motion and time lapse are only available flagship devices but not in mid range
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Please add auto HDR mode in front camera.