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why to buy Samsung phones

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There are 3 categories that almost all people who buy Samsung phones are in. I'd say that I'm qualified to answer this, having owned and used a Galaxy S4, a Galaxy J3, and a Galaxy Note8 (currently). Best and most features available. The iPhone X has FaceID, which generally works better than Facial Recognition on the Galaxy 8 series. However, Samsung also has a more secure Iris Scanner, and still left the fingerprint sensor on the device. Best and brightest display. Best camera (in manual mode, auto mode is almost indifferent from competitors). High performance. Good battery life. Fast wireless charging. NFC MSC support for payments and much more. Best front camera for video and almost as good for photo. Great build. Durable (for a glass phone, definitely better than the iPhone X. Cheap. They have fairly decent phones, even on a budget. Not the best, but still good. Brand name. Believe it or not, Samsung has a very large ecosystem, almost as much as Apple (excluding computers on Samsung's part). Your Note8 can connect with a Gear S3 watch, a Samsung refrigerator, a Samsung TV, a Samsung Galaxy tablet, other Samsung Galaxy phones, IconX earbuds, and much more. They are surprisingly more connected than most people know, like our galaxy. The Galaxy product line probably gets it's current name due to this. 99% of Samsung people fall into one or two of these categories. Not sure about the other 1%.
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I agree with you.
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totally agree with that!