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one more lemon from Samsung - touch to take selfie does not work

(Topic created on: 09-08-2016 10:05 PM)
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It seems this phone has been designed not to work :)

was playing with camera.

if you have a view case snapped on your note 7 - try taking a selfie touching your heart monitor

(camera settings >ways to take pictures)

it is very funny. If you Google it, s7 edge with s view/clear view case has similiar problem.

it can only be explained with low quality programming/lack of QC at software side.

if for some reasons your cases disable this feature , this option has to be grayed out. it is so easy to comprehend.

similiar mess is in "my places" function. when you try to share your journey via "share my location" tab, when you are outdoors, it is a badly miscoded piece of Glympse interface (feature is powered by Glympse). this thing does not allow to enter destination so if you share your journey - people will just receive a link with a trajectory of you real time movement but showing no route/destination /estimated arrival time. and you can't cancel sharing journey whatever buttons you tap or options you choose. you can't also delete them.

I wonder if there has been any quality control in place at all, when Samsung released this phone.

camera app is buggy

battery blows up

screen scratches cause they had to reduce glass hardness to make more shutterproof

my places function is not operational fully

Samsung Note app does not have Action Notes and consistent answer by Samsung to all 1 star ratings, asking why did Samsung remove Action Notes - the answer by Samsung is shocking. It will be back by end of September. well, why would you remove features defining Note for 5 generations in first place?

also my S7 Edge used to have 20% better battery life
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so I resolved the issue. the culprit - s view cover. I replaced it with leather back cover and it works.