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note 9 battery drais fast after latest update

(Topic created on: 08-27-2019 06:07 PM)
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I have my note 9 for some time now, it was working great till the last os upgrade. Now the issue is battery drain faster than usual even if the phone is not used. It is just 9 months old, 80 % of battery is used by the system apps like Google play servers, Google play, Facebook service etc tried to disable all possible apps but still the same.

Please note that i'm not using Facebook or any social media apps on this it's only having the built in social media apps. Any fix????
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Apps can become rogue after implementing new system changes and the first apps to act up would be those background apps. These are apps you’ve recently used but not closed. They’re in standby mode and ready to launch when triggered for multitasking. But keeping these apps running for long or during a software update implementation can also cause problems as there’s a tendency that any of these apps would crash or become corrupted. To clear this out, end all background apps on your Galaxy Note 9 with these steps:

Tap the Recent Apps key.

Scroll through the app previews.

Then tap and drag the app off-screen to close it.

Alternatively, you can tap on the X in the upper-right corner of an app to close it.  To close all running apps at once, tap Close Allinstead.

Once you’re done clearing background apps, reboot/soft reset your phone to clear and refresh its memory.