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new update

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For note 10 plus users new update just been released 
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First Active Work

You have to watch video ads in Instant Earn every 30 minutes at least Daily (15 ads or more )
Second Active Work
The second active work is use smart web daily read all news boxes and , search Google through wow app, like Facebook,youtube, etc
Third Active Work
invite friends in WhatsApp ,Facebook, etc because with out a team you can't process
Big network gives bigger earnings.

Fourth Active Work
the fourth active work
If you want to play games, click on play games option and 250 above games to play.

Five Active Work
Five active work is important (smart slide) Always on it because of which the locking screen is on the mobile phone but it does add up to the log locking screen, ads and read news directly from lockscreen.
Six Active Work
Six active work online shopping is a great way to make online purchases.

Seventh Active Work
The Seventh active work is going to be able to give you an active member of an active member of the team, which is the only active member of the team that has to chat daily in groups or with your downline members.

Eighth Active work:
Wow app special :

Hi there! if you do a video call / audio call, after the video you will see an ad. you will get paid for seeing that ad.

It doesn't matter if the other person is in your downline or not

Also, it doesn't matter if your call is 10 minute or 10 hours becuase you will see the add only when you end your phone call so basically for that you will get the money
and very important is that you will receive the amount the next day
Now you can have Smart Web on your Mobile Phone Screen.


After that, click the 3 dots on the top right corner, scroll down and click "Add to Home Screen"

You can see Smart Web on your Mobile Phone screen.
Use Google for Surfing Internet, and you will get extra coins

lmportant info for newly joined wowapp:

Do Email Validation first if no coin will not drop down.

First step :

1. Click More Menu (top right)

2. Click on Private Page, if there is any Email Validation direct click command,

3. Open the incoming message in your Email account, click Email validation again / resubmit, afterwards return to your wowapp account ,,

The second step:

Change privacy & Change your profile:

1. Click the other (top rightmost),

2. Click the private page,

3. Scroll down to activate the privacy of "anyone can join your network at wowapp" slide the "NO" letter into "YES" position (this is done so everyone around the world can connect with us),

4. Click change profile,

5. Click fill in all empty boxes profile / modify, fill up profiles up to 100%

💖Daily work in wow app

1- watch video every 30 minutes

2- daily chat post image and videos

3- always play games on wow app

4- on smart slide you will get extra coins

5- make online shopping in wow app

6-make wow free calls with your downline members

7- do survey if available

8- use smart web daily

9- download apps from iron source and in fiber

10. Make Active members team

11. Read news in smart web daily

12. check daily survey available in smart web

Note: see all ads when you use smart web


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