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hey samsung now tell us when you are lunchtime oreo firmware updates i am asking that because of now every new phone coming with oreo upgrade and we buy yours costly and top phones like s7. s8 . s8+ note 8 and we are using old firmware why we pay user phone cost then why we use old versions now tel us final date and time please mention that and i know better MI A1 & ONEPLUSE 5T is alsocoming with oreo update why your deal with google you are going day by day down deo to oreo update see this company are geting oreo update then why your so late d7e54a32-db3c-4193-a30b-5c132fa445b9.jpg
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Thanks for being with Samsung and for sharing your concern. We would like to inform you that Sanmsung has already launched Oreo beta program for the S8 series device user. Based on the feedback collected after Oreo Beta program, Samsung will be releasing the official version of Oreo OS as soon as possible, which would be an improved version of Oreo Beta Update. Till then your loyalty with Samsung will be highly appreciated.

We would not be able to commit any exact date of launching official Oreo update. However, you can keep the Beta software until new official version is released. Once the official version is released, you can update to it.

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