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Alarm Missed

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I face this problem alot, whenever I set an alarm, mostly it didnt alarm me, but instead it shows a notification in notification area that 'Alarm Missed'. Also, I set 3 alarms in which mostly two missed and sometime all of them. Need help, if there i...

Good Lock App

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I want to something else that if I bought an expensive phone from samsung then I should be treat at same level to enjoy all apps from samsung it is not suitable for giant company otherwise Samsung should give this in update or should have to built in...

Samsung App

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I am using Note 10 plus I want to use good lock app I am in pakistan it is not my fault I am samsung fan but samsung is not supporting us samsung should give permission to use GOOD LIVK App in our region too

Note 8 Slow Charging - Fast charging issue

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hello, I am facing cable charging(Slow Charging) issue since last update. I am not getting fast charging. Even my cable and everything works good but not getting fast charging on my note 8. While i checked other device on my charger. There show fast ...

Posted by: AzadPk
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software difference

Posted in: Galaxy Note

My note 10 plus doesnt shows the identity of caller as my friends phone shows after searching over internet , his phone is made in Malaysia and mine is in Vietnam, how to get that built in software for my phone ??