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Caller UI

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How can I change my incoming or outgoing calling UI i hav light grey color recently active now bt a month back it was orange suggest the methods to change the UI

Not acceptable eon samaung

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Samsung makes most expensive android and always try to compete with market leader iphone. but only specs does not make it. Surprisingly Samsung does not pay attention to timely update for the OS. See other android phones - mm pay of the company has u...

Posted by: sam90
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My Note8 Samsung weather widget is not getting updated. It was last updated on 15/11/2017. Whenever I click refresh it says "Service is not available temporarily". Please help me in this regard. SCREENSHOT ATTACHED..

Scrolling LAG Note8😡😠

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Scrolling lag and jelly effect in facebook,twitter,instagram while scrolling.....why Samsung is not fixing it. even 10k rupees cheap phones are also smooth while scrolling. i have reported about this issue many times and Samsung admin always does cop...


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dear samsung.. it seems you have forgot to inckude software support of FM RADIO in your "FLAGSHIP NOTE8" but lately memorized it to involve in your A8+.. if atall we as a users of flagship note8 deserve a simple RADIO.. do provide us with it.. withou...