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advise to samsung and useres

(Topic created on: 10-04-2020 11:05 PM)
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Galaxy Note
I've been using note 10 plus since its launch and now I've added a note 20 ultra. I am using both at the same time. unfortunately there is not much difference between both phones. I must say that they are perfect and extremely practical, contrary to what many people say about their size / functionality. being a person with OCD who likes to have things in good condition, i would like to take advantage of this platform, to try to help samsung improve the protection of its mega mobile phones. my note 10's LCD broke 2 weeks after I purchased it last year. I was sad because I thought the LCD was more resistant. price vs lasting quality. the good thing is that the original material is easily accessible and the technicians do a good job pity that these pieces are very expensive. the note 20 ultra fortunately i still haven´t had any accidents, but i feel that, if i don´t worry about buying certain protections, i will end up breaking something. The cameras are very prominent and the cell phone should be sold with a transparent cover that protects them. these covers do not cost more than 2 $ but are of extreme necessary, because when we put the cell phone on a table or any other place, the cameras are the first to touch the surface and can be damaged very easily. I believe that for the amount of money we pay for the cell phone, we wouldn't mind paying a few more and having these accessories inside the boxes... supposedly the glass of the Note 20 ultra is more resistant vs the other phones. yet nothing guarantees us that it won't break. I advise all lovers of this cell phone to buy camera protection, in order to protect it.
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Galaxy Note
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Galaxy Note
Thank you. It is exactly for this reason that I am searching fir an original Samsung cover for my Note20 ultra