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Hi Guys,

As you all must be excited about the all new Samsung One UI....This is one of the major update we all are waiting for...
Here I am writing some.common tips and tricks about what should we do after updating our software to new version....

Step 1 : After updating the phone to Android pie..Make sure you clear the cache....For clearing the cache on samsung note 9 You need to press Volume Up key + Bixby key both keys together and then you need to press power button make sure bothe key should be pressed until and unless you see the screen for recovery mode from there you can wipe out the cache memory and restart your phone.

Step 2 : As we all are busy and we hardly get time to create backups of our beautiful memories captured with great camera.Make sure to get all the backup of your phone in pendrive or in external hardrives and after that reset your phone or you can do the hard reset as well.In this manner you can start fresh from the beginning.Just before doing the hard reset make sure contacts , pictures , videos etc should be backed up somehwere so that you will not lose your data.

If you have any questions you can comment I will try to resolve all your queries and we can have discussion as well.

Enjoy the new update and share your expriences here so that we all can learn from each other.....

Happy PIE Update day members

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Thank you for reaching out to the Samsung community! Keep posting!!
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