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Upgraded battery

(Topic created on: 05-11-2023 11:51 PM)
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Hi yall, i wanted to install an upgraded battery on my note 9 any one has tried, any implications, I replaced 4 orignak batterys from the store but all were old oem ones n they kept dying quicker than the older one, also could it be my phphones problem that applications are eating the battery?
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Use compatible, reputable batteries. Check app battery usage, update apps, limit background processes, and enable battery optimization. Poor batteries or installation can cause issues. Seek professional help if unsure.
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You go to your battery settings as well and see which of the apps is hogging your battery.
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4 original batteries 🔋!!

Double check your phone 📱

Not only for software issues. But also for hardware malfunctions as well

One original battery estimated life is 4 years