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Top 3 ways to increase your productivity with the Galaxy Note20

(Topic created on: 01-07-2021 11:58 PM)
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Hello everyone,

In this post, I will share the 3 most used feature in my Galaxy Note 20Ultra 5G to increase my productivity. 


1. Samsung Dex 

By now, maybe you are already used to Samsung Dex. Whether it's connected via Wi-Fi, HDMI, or USB(to PC), Dex offers a comprehensive package and a PC like experience. With Dex, you can use your apps, watch your content on a bigger screen also can add additional input devices like a Mouse or Keyboard.

2. S Pen

There is not even a single day I haven't used the S Pen on my device. S Pen is feature-packed. It makes copying text from any screen so easy, simply press and hold the S Pen button and drag on top of the text to select. You can do the same technique to select files in the gallery. I can draw and write precisely with the S Pen and can also sign on PDF files(that's super cool). To pen down all the features, a single post won't be enough.

3. Multi Window

Do you know you can use up to 6 apps on your device at the same time? With Pop-Up view, you can use multiple apps at a time 5 in the pop-up and one in full screen. That means you can watch your favorite match and can chat with your friends at the same time. This comes in handy when your friend sent you his bank details in WhatsApp and you need to type those in your banking app. You can simply open either one of the apps in Pop-Up and can easily type the details without switching between the apps.


That's it for now. Will be posting more tips and tricks soon. By the way, what's your favorite feature in your device??

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It's gotta be the video pro mode. Having the ability to customize the shutter speed, iso and many more to get exponentially high detail quality
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Very helpful tips, Ambassador! Thanks for sharing!