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(Topic created on: 02-15-2023 04:56 PM)
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Hi All

I want to switch my country/region within my Samsung Account. It's been wrong since I set it up. Up til now, it didn't matter.Samsung Support says that they can do it for their end - that's good! BUT in doing so, it will "erase all my data from the Galaxy Store". I followed up their reply by asking if it also removed all my registered products from my Samsung Account too? - but they haven't replied - I have quite a few! Anyone here know whether my past purchases via Samsung.com will also be removed if I allow them to change my location within my Samsung account?

(The reason I need to change the region after all this time is that we just bought a smart Samsung Washing machine. In order to share the appliance within SmartThings, across our two phones, both my wif'es and my Samsung account have to be in the same region otherwise it won't allow the sharing (according to the pop-up message when I attempt sharing). For some reason, my region says USA (but I live in England) and my wife's says UK.

Thanks, Steve



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You must create a new account with vpn connect to USA and you may also need USA virtual number you can get it from any apps that give free virtual number