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Stay organised with your Note

(Topic created on: 06-30-2021 11:18 PM)
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Have you tried organising everything about your day in your Galaxy device? Well, I have, in my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. And it's been a flying success 😁

Samsung Notes and S Pen
I am sure you must have walked into a room and forgotten why you went there 😅 I have been there too. And I have also had random ideas which I didn't jot down and forgot about it too. So now I whip out my S Pen and make a note of it on Notes. Problem solved 😎

I love the widgets on my phone. My favourite is definitely the Calendar widget.
  • It shows the public holidays
  • I can add reminders
  • If I add a birthday to a contact on my phone, it shows up in the Calendar (Never miss a special date again). Oh, you can also add things like anniversary dates too 😉
  • I can draw with the S Pen on the Calendar
  • If you have something on your email calendars in the phone, that will show on this Calendar too.
It's all in all a very smart widget 💯

Another one I really love is the Samsung Health one. Handy one to know your steps for the day at a glance.

Next one I want to try is Digital Wellbeing. (But I am not sure I want to know how many hours I am spending on my phone 😂)

Secure Folder
Keep your valuables safe 🙃 Enough said. 

What are your favourite ones?
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Thanks for the tips Ambassador! We'll be using these pointers to stay organized 🖊

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Thanks for your post. Just to add a note on the Samsung health widget you mentioned, having the Galaxy Watch helps better as the Watch is always on your wrest, while the phpBB will miss a lot of steps.
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