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Hi Samsung,

I'm happy to use Samsung pay mini for transactions rather than PAYTM, Google pay and Phonepe as it's secured with Anti thefts and hacking features on it virtual keypads for PIN. However, there is no FAVOURITES option to tag or mark recipients except for PAY BILL/RECHARGE, would be great if there's is FAVOURITES section instead of just RECENT RECIPIENTS as I quite paid alot to same person every month for my house rent and even same few rental shops repeated without having to go scan the QR code repeatedly. Other things, PAYTM has smooth animated big Fonts transaction display texts with green tick when transactions goes successful but Samsung pay mini is lacking in this area and many of them recipients has hard time understanding transaction is successful. Lastly, kindly reduce your ads in every pages as it's distracting and annoying for the users, without ads like WhatsApps apps it will be fantastic as it's one of the most secure payment apps which I used always for my UPI transaction. Thank you!

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yes need updates