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Samsung note 9 missing s and compare with (PHONE-5S)

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After using 6 years Iphone I was so excited to have samsung 
but totally dissapointed . even if iPhone 5s it was still much better than Samsung note g. One by on.e I will write .

1 - photos too Complicated when you send a photo though whatsapp you don't see favorite ones. plus you can not find your photos by locations like e asy as iphone .
I n phone You do not need to Check all pics from the same location. It comes out Stra ight forward.
I am architect and have a huge archivefor details. I swear to god I have 65 k photos in my cloud. and that was Iphone 5s. For example ifi need to look one let's say lightning. Ijust need to know where I saw it. I go through map and find in A MINUTE. In samsung, you can go but you need to check all photos  from that location. and you need so many directions to reach .

2 - there is no basic editable pdf shortcut - If you need you have to download app from play store. Iphone has. 
3 - Samsung music is a mystery. You never know where to download music, You should go Spotif y which is nothing to do with Samsung.
4- Alarm you cannot add your music.
If you need to add please try Take your 15min- and you will not sort it out - Cause no solution.
5 - You have mail. and thereIs pdf. you do not know where these docs are. either in drive or in memory. You never know
6- Samsung ask you to open anything in apps and pop-up just once or always remember? If by mistake you press always bu+ you did not want to exactly then sorry you cannot go back. In samsung you can not make wrong :") 
7 - Pen-up is not working in flight-mode. Don't try?   
8- Maybe AKG is a good  brand but still music quality is much better in Iphone.
9- You need to clean all the time your phone.
10- Battery is notthat long.
I am using Samsung for 4 months. and I am an asian.
I reallywould like to say good things. But sorry. Only good thing I can say is REST in peace stevejobs!

Very important:
I ask these questions to my friends for those who are highly recommend meto get Samsung. I just notice they do not use phone properly.
Instagram, whatsap P and they think Samsung is the best.
whenever I asked, they reply me "oh this feature I never use ". that feature I never use. I ask so what Makes you Samsung easier.
I was looking for this platform . I ever wrote to samsung itself. never get replied.

Yes, as a result Buy samsung and make your life Difficult.
Be regretful.

And also many things. But these are the Ones I just remember. 
Oh! One more. Fingerprint is behind. That isthe most ridiculous part.
Have fun Guys.
I prefer iphone. 5 s rather than samsung latest!
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here I would solve them for you

1. you can create a folder where you can put your pictures yes you can create 1 folder for each 1 picture
2. Samsung has ready to use downloaded Microsoft apps which you can use to open pdf files
3.actually you cannot use Samsung music to download songs you need to go to your browser and you can just download songs in there or still you can still download spotify on Samsung phones
4 ofcourse you can add or change your alarm to your favorite music
5 you just need to go to (my files) and click (documents)
6 it's not Samsung it's the app itself the app asks it for your permission
7 ofcourse yes you can just turn off your flight mode if you need to use the s pen
8 sorry to tell this but this is just biased
9 you can skip cleaning your phone even for a week and the reason for cleaning your phone is to make your phone faster and for your battery to lasts longer
10 you just need to close all the running apps and also theres another option you can turn on your power saving mode
11 and the fingerprint atleast they put it alot in a proper position unlike the s8 and note 8 and also the fingerprint is fast unlike your 5s

Samsung is good for gaming and also its fast at opening games and also it has alot of space which you can store 500000 photos for a 512 GB version

Samsung is easier to use cause it has alot of features even with the iPhones newest models

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hi friend

appreciated your reply . I m glad someone take care at least.
always do 2-3 steps in this phone.and you need workshop to understand.
for example
1. we need to create and one by one choose and put? that is called smartphone or we are the one who is smart?
2. if you download you can even download and solve our issues in old phones. what makes it latest?
3. that's I mean. we have Samsung music but we can not use.
you need to add new folder
new song to be download.
wait ot get wife everytime to download
give at least every night 30.min for this.
and end of the day you will listen couple music by giving so much time.
5. I will check
6. i mean for example there pdf and Samsung ask in which app you open one drive or Adobe and it is written only once or always that's what I mean.
7. what if I want to draw something in plane. I bought this because of note.
8 ok I respect for this feature if you like more.that s fine.
9 in iPhone you dont need this effort too
10 thanks I use it sometimes.but still .

I m just a user. and I jump from 5s to note 9. and i found so many missings.
the most important is
if you use Samsung you really need have lots of leisure time to learn and use.
if you want to do something first choose whatever then open a folder then put in to folder.
like we are in windows . this is not a computer. this is smartphone.has to be easy access and can not offer time waste.

all my complaints hope Samsung will consider this feedback and make a really smart phone which suit s in this year.
or else what is the futuristic latest version meaning ?
unfortunately you wrote one by one but still you see this is not smartphone.
even music you need to download one by one and put a folder. which century we are ?
I was 18 I do this with computer in 2000. later i have mp3 I was doing this with mp3. this is note 9.latest of all Samsung family.
what is the main feature they can show me that is smart?

the problem.is again whoever use Samsung even Samsung staff I asked always you have this reply
"oh this also I dont use that feature ". they are recommended the phone which they dont really know about.
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1- I mean you can create a folder for your photos or songs you can add multiple photos or songs in a single folder or create a folder with the name favorite and you can just put there your favorite or important stuff photos or songs so you can find it easily
2 actually all Samsung phones have Microsoft apps the only difference is it's already downloaded you can use it instantly unlike other phones which you still need to download it on app store or play store
3 I mean the photos not songs in song you can put all your songs in a single folder
6 theres a button (just once) so you can check if it works properly or not if not you can use the other app if the app you use works properly you can click (always)
7 actually if you want to use the s pen in the plane you can turn off your airplane mode,just make sure to turn off your wifi bluetooth,mobile hotspot,mobile date,and turn on do not disturb mode
9 yeah it's ok
10 ok
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I m sorry my friend I appreciate your reply but I was expecting some clicks to do your things. you are giving me solutions open a folder a choose one by one. that is very old things. it was aroun 15 years before we were doing. photos music these are basic thing s to use. how Samsung latest offer me open a folder and choose on by one. or download one by one and put all in folder . do you think is it really smart. ? we are doing all not the phone , right?
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Samsung gallery app can scan and understand what's in a photo. For example open gallery and search for smile. It will show all smiling faces. Search sad. You can see sad faces. Searching flower will show you flowers, animals will show animals. Searching food will show you photos of food etc. It can even recognize people in the photos. There is option to tag the name of somebody photo so that phone can show all their photos together when you search his or her name. Even it will automatically suggest their names for new photos.

If you are texting some one regularly, whether it's in what's app or hangouts or gmail all your frequently contacted contacts will show on top.

If there is no app available to edit pdf you can say samsung is bad. There are 100s of apps available in playstore. What's the difference between preloaded and downloadable?

I agree samsung music can't download music. You have to relay on browser or third-party apps for the purpose. But once downloaded I can share it with any device I prefer. No strings attached like iPhone.
I can connect my phone with any other android device instantly, can share with NFC, WiFi direct, Bluetooth, android beam etc.

Not only alarm, but also any apps with notifications can be customized.

If you don't know where a file is, or you are searching for an app, or you are searching for a particular setting menu.., pull down the notification panel and click the search icon. You can search the file name and the device will find it for you.

If you click always open accidently, long press the app icon and select app info. From there select the option set as default and select clear defaults. That's done.

I accept the fact that sound quality is better in iPhone when stock headphones are compared. But in samsung you have the freedom to choose any headphone which suits your need. A better headphone can solve this issue.
Device care app can automatically clean your device as scheduled. My device set to automatically optimize everyday.
I will not argue about battery. It completely depends on your usage pattern. I had used all the note series phones. I am not just using phone for using social media.
Am using my phone for,
1. viewing AutoCAD drawings.
2. Creating 3d in case my laptop runs out of juice.
3. For signing my office documents if am out of office.
4. Creating videos for my YouTube channel.
5. For sync 4 different e-mail accounts with calender and task.
6. Bixby to change my phone settings and opening apps and texting.
7. Taking approximate measurements
8. Making small concept drawings and cartoons.
9. Taking notes and those notes sync between 5 of my devices.
10. For banking, samsung pass have all my passwords saved and can be filled with my fingerprint or iris.
11. Samsung Health for keeping track on my fitness including oxygen saturation, uv index, water intake, daily calories value, caffeine intake, exercises etc.
12. After all these I play lot of games with the game audio connected to my Bluetooth headphones and my wife's fav song played on to Bluetooth speakers at the same time.
13. I have a seperate space available for all apps for my office. My personal data and official data will never get mixed. Thanks to secure folder.
14. With smart connect I am in control.
15. My kid have a sepetare kids mode app in which she can play her games and I can see how she is interacting with the phone. It keeps all your personal and official data away from the child when they are playing.
Finally one thing. I bought this phone. It must work according to my will. If the screen is broken I can replace. Not like the bloody iPhone which freezes after a third-party service. I can root my phone and install whatever the os I like. Even windows.
Dear friend, if you have any doubts in using your phone, please ask somebody who know about the phone. You can ask your doubts in samsung members app. Somebody will answer you. Am using samsung for last 10 years. Happy with samsung
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For music u can use Google's play music app. It can stream or download millions of music files from almost all languages. 😁😁
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Dear I suggest you to search for note 9 features in YouTube. Also you can search for a comparison video between your favourite device and the bad N9
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oh myGod.. this must be the longest thread ever. i need to join.. hahaha
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Man I keep missing my alarm. I set it well with a loud speaker only to wake up and find that j have a missed alarm . What's the issue